Best PHP Framework 2015

A good PHP framework improve security, make websites easier to upgrade and also dramatically reduce the time it takes you to build websites and web applications. but the big question that a lot of developers are asking these days is, What is the best PHP framework?

So here in this article we will discuss, popular php frameworks.

Laravel vs CodeIgniter vs Yii vs Cakephp vs Zend Comparison Chart based on Google Trends from 2015

1. Laravel

best PHP Framework

Currently Laravel is the most popular PHP frameworks among PHP developers. This is the new but great web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax that aim to make web development easy and fast by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, queueing, and caching.


2. yiiframework


The yiiframework is also popular  PHP framework among PHP developers. The main features that makes Yii on top spot is its features and a bit faster than Codeigniter and Zend framework. Actually the markers of Yii have spotted some of those areas in existing frameworks and discovered new ways. For example, from the moment you install Yii, you get a perfectly functional and rather impressive website up and running – its all automatically. Yii also comes with a range of features for common tasks like CRUD (creating, reading, updating and deleting).


3. CodeIgniter Framework


Currently, Codeigniter is also a choice of most of php developer. It’s relatively easy to learn. Feature wise, Codeigniter is powerful frameworks such as Zend and Cake. Its major goal is to enable you to develop projects much faster than you could, by providing a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks, as well as a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. CodeIgniter lets you creatively focus on your project by minimizing the amount of code needed for a given task.



4. Zend Framework


Zend is a powerfull PHP Framework which is more secure, reliable and allow Web 2.0 applications & web services. This framework is originally built by PHP. It is enrich with APIs from leading vendors like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Flickr etc which make it choice for big business.

Actually Zend has pretty much everything you could hope to find in a good PHP framework. It’s powerful, fast and scalable. The demand for Zend developers is immense and knowing how to use Zend is like having a guarantee that you’ll never be out of work.



5. CakePHP Framework


CakePHP is a popular framework for web application development. Its simple to learn that provides a basic organizational structure, keeping your entire application consistent and logical. It can handle every aspect, from the user’s initial request all the way to the final rendering of a web page. And since the framework follows the principles of MVC, it allows you to easily customize and extend most aspects of your application.



6. Symfony Framework


Symfony is a complete php framework designed to optimize the development of web applications. For beginners, It separates a web application’s business rules, server logic, and presentation views. Symfony is rich in numerous tools and classes aimed at shortening the development time of a complex web application.

Symfony is written entirely in PHP. It has been thoroughly tested in various real-world projects, and is actually in use for high-demand e-business websites. It is compatible with most of the available databases engines, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. It runs on Unix and Windows platforms.


Except these, there is a long list of php frameworks available in market. you can select from this heap but don’t forget to share your experience by adding comments here , Thanks



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42 thoughts on “Best PHP Framework 2015

  1. Another framework which takes the Yii approach is called PHPDevShell, it is a more ready solution after install.

  2. CodeIgniter a 2012 framework? It’s so 90ies.
    Maybe you can switch Symfony to Symfony2, it’s one of the strongest frameworks available.

  3. Pingback:
  4. Symfony2 is the best framework now days, and I think by posting the version 1.x of symfony on your liste you have no Idea what’s Symfony2 is !!
    I advice you to update that liste !!

  5. The information given here with good intention does not give an accurate picture of the PHP framework world at all.

  6. I have considerable (8+) exp in PHP and even then I found Symfony learning curve too steep… may some proper documentation is not there just like codeigniter. Even after spending 2 days I wasn’t able to do basic functionality i.e. adding data from to db, extract from db and view and then edit and update… means add, edit and delete… eventually I dropped idea of learning symfony… There is no straight forward tutorial for this and lot of command line based work.

  7. @Codd – sorry to say that, but your experience means nothing then. 2 days and being not able to perform simple tasks? C’mon.

  8. Symfony 2 is not a simple framework, it’s a great application framework. it’s a J2EE platform but written in PHP5.3

    Try it and you will feel the difference…

  9. Symfony 1.4 is still a good framework. They’re still supporting it for bug and security fixes. Version 2.0 is improved in many aspects, but I do think the learning curve is steeper than the 1.X series.

  10. I’ve participated in 5 enterprise project and numerous fun projects / side stuff. All of those were done in yii. Tried pretty much the same list before giving yii a try and it’s indeed the best!

  11. yii framework is much more shorthand, and you can develop more quickly.
    IMHO, Symfony2 is for really big projects (at least 6 month long dev), with many people working on it, and organisation is more important than coding efficiency.
    Yii is better for smaller projects, where efficiency counts.

  12. Hey guys no one mention about zend framework which pretty much in the competition mention in 3rd potion in this ….

    what your take on it,

  13. Hi, Neat post. There’s an issue along with your website in internet explorer, would check this?IE nonetheless is the market leader and a good component of folks will pass over your excellent writing because of this problem.

  14. Presently working on codeigniter.. It is awesome! Thanks to the documentation and community. You’ll never feel alone!

  15. I’d think twice before using Zend. I just saw a benchmark report for major PHP MVC systems and Zend performs really badly on all tests.

    The link is below but you’ll have to remove the spaces.

    www . ruilog . com / blog / view / b6f0e42cf705.html

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