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WordPress Interview Questions and Answers

WordPress is the most popular free blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. As of February 2016, WordPress is used by 59.1% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 25.8% of all websites. Due to popularity, there has been large demand of WordPress developers to create blog, websites, integrate themes and develop plugins. So here in this post, we have listed some useful WordPress interview questions and answers for WordPress developers.


1. What is WordPress?

Ans. WordPress is the most popular free blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It can be used to create personal or commercial blog or website.

2. What is the current version of WordPress?

Ans. The latest stable release of WordPress (Version 4.4.2) is available till Feb 2016. But you need to quote the current version of WordPress available in market along with the release date.

3. How safe is website on WordPress?

Ans. The WordPress is fully safe to run but still it is suggested to keep updating with the latest version of WordPress to avoid security issues.

4. Are there any limitations to a WordPress website?

Ans. You can use WordPress for blog, e-commerce sites, membership sites, photo galleries and any other type of site you can think of. The website is created using the same html code as any other site so there are no limitations there either.

5. What are the types of hooks in WordPress and mention their functions?

Ans. There are two types of hooks; Action hooks and Filter hooks

Hooks allow user to create WordPress theme or plugin with shortcode without changing the original files. Action hooks allow you to insert an additional code from an outside resource, whereas, Filter hooks will only allow you to add a content or text at the end of the post.

6. What do you mean by custom field in WordPress?

Ans. Custom field is a meta-data that allows you to store arbitrary information to the WordPress post. Through custom field extra information can be added to the post.

7. What are the positive aspects of WordPress?

Ans. There are many positive aspects of WordPress. These are:

  • Easy installation and upgrade
  • In-built SEO engine
  • Easy theme system
  • Flexibility
  • Multilingual- available in more than 70 languages
  • Own data- no unwanted advert on your website
  • Flexibility and Easy publishing option
8. How many tables are there in WordPress by default?

Ans. There are about 11 tables in WordPress by default. But with succeeding releases of WordPress, this number will change. You need to check phpMyAdmin to determine the number of tables in latest WordPress installation.

9. What are the rules that you have to follow for WordPress plugin development?

Ans. There can be following ruls:

  • Create a unique name
  • Create the plugin’s folder
  • Create a sub-folder for PHP files,  translations and assets
  • Create the main plug-in file and fill in header information
  • Create activation and de-activation functions
  • Create an uninstall script
  • Create a readme.txt file
  • To detect paths to plugin file use proper constants and functions
10. How you can disable the WordPress comment?

Ans. If you go on dashboard under options-discussion there is a comment “Allow people to post comment” try unchecking the comment.

11. What are the steps you can take if your WordPress file is hacked?

Ans. There can be following steps:

  • Install security plug-ins like WP security
  • Re-install the latest version of WordPress
  • Change password and user-ids for all your users
  • Check your themes and plug-ins are up to date
12. Why you use a static front page in WordPress?

Ans. Some WordPress users wants their WordPress installation to be more than a blog site. To give their page a look more like a real website page some users use static front page.

13. What are the plugins you can use to create contact form in WordPress?

Ans. To create a contact form in WordPress you can use plugin like Gravity forms or also you can use a free plugin contact form 7.

14. Is there any limitation for using WordPress?

Ans. No, there is no limitation for using WordPress. WordPress can be used for innumerable purpose membership site, e-commerce site, photo-gallery and many more.

15. In what case we cannot recommend WordPress to our client?

Ans. We cannot recommend WordPress on following situation:

  • If client is working on non-CMS base project
  • If site wants complex or innovative e-commerce
  • In case of enterprise intranet solution
  • Sites requiring custom scripting solutions.
16. How you can create a static page with WordPress?

Ans. To create a static page in WordPress, in the page section you have to upload a php files to the server in the theme folder, and then select that as your template. This allows you to add any page and look that you wanted for your blog and it will remain static.

17. Is there any other CMS better WordPress?

Ans. WordPress is no doubt an awesome CMS, but Drupal and Joomla are among the best CMS you can work with.

18. What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

Ans. There are many free WordPress SEO plugin available like Yoast SEO, SEO Ultimate, SEO WordPress etc.

19. What are the best caching plugin for WordPress

Ans. There are many useful free WordPress cache plugin available like super cache, easy cache, w3 total cache etc.

20 What are the reasons why one should not hack WordPress core file?

Ans. The best reason not to hack the core files is that whatever you might be doing has to be reworked as a patch.

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