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YouTube video downloader script in PHP

YouTube is the most popular videos sharing platform where we watched videos online. However, we often need to get those YouTube videos for offline uses. If you’re a PHP developer then definitely you will look for a PHP script to download YouTube videos on your local server. So here in this post, I will explain how easily you can create your own script to download your favourite YouTube videos. At the end of this post, you will also see live demo of Youtube video downloader script and also link to download live demo script. (more…)

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Secure your PHP script by hiding extensions

In general, security by obscurity is one of the weakest forms of security. Suppose If I were exploiting a site, I wouldn’t check what scripting language the site runs on, because all that would matter to me is exploiting it. Hiding the fact that you use x language isn’t going to prevent me from bypassing poor security. But in some cases, every little bit of extra security is desirable.


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