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Best Responsive JQuery Slider Plugins

Currently, there are a lot of demand of creative responsive web sites. As we know its not easy to handle easily. So here in this article, I have collected some useful responsive jQuery slider plugins. these plugins are very easy to integrate into youe website and can create responsive web sites easily.

1. Blueberry

Blueberry is a opensource jQuery image slider plugin which has been written specifically to work with fluid/responsive web layouts. its a a jQuery image slider written specifically for responsive web design.


2. Flexslider

FlexSlider is a multiple slider support jQuery Slider Plugins. its a simple and sematic markup plugin which supported in all major browsers. its also support all html element in the slides.


3. unoslider

Unoslider is a fully responsive, mobile optimized jQuery slider plugin. its also support multiple slider per page as well as images preloader.


4. wmuSlider

wmuSlider is also a responsive jQuery slider plugin.


5. Elastislide – A Responsive jQuery Carousel Plugin

Elastislide is a responsive jQuery carousel that will adapt its size and its behavior in order to work on any screen size. Inserting the carousels structure into a container with a fluid width will also make the carousel fluid.


6. Responsive Image Gallery with Thumbnail Carousel

A jQuery image gallery with a thumbnail carousel. You can download it from here

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