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Delete Multiple Rows with Checkbox using jQuery, PHP & MySQL

Deleting records one by one is very time consuming when there are too many records. You can make it more user friendly by allowing users to delete multiple records on a single click. You can add checkbox with each records and allow to select checkbox and then implement functionality to delete multiple selected records through single delete button. So in this tutorial you will learn how to implement multiple records delete with checkbox using jQuery, PHP and MySQL. (more…)

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Data Load While Page Scroll with jQuery PHP and MySQL

When we have more data records to display on a page, we used pagination to display just few records when page load and display next few records on every next click. You can replace your traditional pagination with more user friendly feature to load records dynamically on same page while page scroll. Users don’t need to click on button to view more records; the records will be loaded on each page scroll without page load. So in this tutorial you will learn how to implement dynamic data load on page scroll using jQuery, PHP and MySQL. The tutorial is covered in very easy steps with live demo and complete script to download. (more…)

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multi step form with jquery

Multi Step Form using jQuery, Bootstrap and PHP

Now a day’s Multi Step Forms are more popular due to more users friendly. The Multi Step Form provides easy step by step procedure to complete long FORM. When there is long FORM with too many fields, you can break the large FORM into multiple smaller Forms with few input fields on each Form to make it more convenient for users. So in this tutorial you learn how to implement Multi Step Form with Progress Bar using jQuery. We will design Multi Step Form with Progress Bar using Bootstrap and handle steps to display different forms using jQuery and store from data into MySQL database using PHP. (more…)

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