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Object Oriented Programming in PHP

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming concept that allows programmer to group similar tasks into classes. It organizes the data and structure of an application. Here in this tutorial, you will learn about basic OOP concept and also how data and functions can be represented as reusable objects that are cut down on code and time.

Object Oriented Programming Concepts in PHP:

1. What is Object?

2. What is a Class?

3. What is Class Attribute?

4. What is Class Method?

5. What is Constructor in PHP?

6. What is Destructor in PHP?

7. What is Access Specifiers?

8. What is $this Variable?

9. What is instanceOf Operator in PHP?

10. How to Define Class Constants in PHP?

11. What is Static Data Members and Methods?

13. How to Define Final Class and Final Method?

14. What is an Exception?

15. Inheritance in PHP

16. What is an Abstract Class and interface?

17. Polymorphism in PHP

18. Overloading and Overriding in PHP


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