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Object Oriented Programming in PHP

Object Oriented Programming  is a style of coding that allows programmer to group similar tasks into classes. Ii also organize the data and structure of an application. As PHP, OOP came with the release of PHP 4, but really came into its own with PHP 5. Here In this tutorial we are going to learn about Basics of PHP5 Class,  Concept, Inheritance, Polymorphism and  Magic Methods.

PHP5 Tutorial – Basics of PHP5 Class

1. How to create a PHP5 Class

2. How to Create a PHP5 Class Object

3. Defining Attributes of a PHP5 Class

4. Defining Methods of a PHP5 Class

5. Creating a PHP5 Constructor __construct()

6. How to create a PHP5 Destructor __destruct()


PHP5 Tutorial – Advance PHP5 Concepts

1. Public, private and protected Access Specifiers

2. $this variable explained

3. instanceOf Operator Explained

4. Defining PHP5 Class Constants

5. Static Data Members and Methods

6. Final Class and Method

7. Exception Handling in PHP5


PHP5 Tutorial – PHP5 Inheritance & Polymorphism

1. PHP Inheritance

2. PHP Abstract Class and Interface

3. PHP Polymorphism


PHP5 Tutorial – PHP5 Magic Methods

1. __toString() Magic method

2. __get() and __set() Magic Method

3. __isset() and __unset() Magic Method

4. __call() Magic method

5. __autoload() method

6. __sleep() and __wakeup()

7. __clone() method








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