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MySQL Interview Questions and Answers

MySQL is the most popular and most used open-source relational database management system. If you’re a programmer then the knowledge of MySQL is essential for you because MySQL can be used with every programming language. Whenever you will go for the job interview, questions related to MySQL on top. So here is the list of the most asked MySQL interview questions with answers for both beginners and experienced. (more…)

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TIPS to Optimize Your MySQL Database

These are the Database Optimization guidelines that I follow when writing my code, as a coding standard is already exists for the project I’ m working on. These can be helpful for the developer as it assist developers to know do’s and don’ts during the Database Optimization and coding practices. Actually Database Optimization TIPS helps any system to perform work efficiently and quickly. (more…)

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Mysql Index Advantages and Disadvantages

Indexing is an important feature of MySQL. It supports different type of indexes like primary key index, unique index, normal index and full-text index. Indexes help to speed up the retrieval of data from MySQL database server. When retrieving the data from a database table, MySQL first checks whether the index of table exists; If yes it will use index to select exact physical corresponding rows without scanning the whole table. (more…)

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