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Duplicate Data Issue with Custom Magento Collection

We often face problem of duplicate data while accessing custom Magento collection. For example the collection gets duplicated multiple times with the same result after adding an item such as $dataCollection->addItem($dataObject). Actually the issue arises when we add the same object to the collection each time. To overcome this issue, we need to create a unique Varien_Object for each file and also create our $dataObject inside the foreach loop. (more…)

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How to Improve Your Ecommerce Site Security

Today security is the main concern for all eCommerce website because it have very important transactions data and always on high risks. However, you can limit the security holes by adopting few easy steps. Here in this post I have explained few basic points that causes security risk in your eCommerce website. So you should make sure that you are on top of them. (more…)

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Display New Products from Specific Category On Home Page in Magento

In my previous post, I have posted the code to add new products on your Magento home page or any page. Sometimes we have a requirement to display products category wise. Magento has built in functionality to display products from specific category. It is very simple , just set products “as new” in your catalog, only those products that belong to that category. And finally add below code in your CMS page: (more…)

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Dealing with Magento Model or Collections

As We know that the implementation of a “Models Tier” is a important part of any MVC framework. It represents the data of your application, and most applications are useless without data. Magento Models play an even important role, as they contain the “Business Logic” that’s often relegated to the Controller or Helper methods in other PHP MVC frameworks. (more…)

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