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The Best PHP Frameworks for 2018

PHP frameworks are popular among PHP developers as these provide platform to build more complex, secure, and well-structured web applications in very less time. The frameworks are designed to improve security, make websites easier to upgrade and also dramatically reduce the time to build complex web applications. So in this article we have put together some of the best PHP frameworks that can help you to speedup web development. The PHP frameworks listed here are useful for both the experienced and beginners. Here we have analysed the best PHP frameworks based on features and popularity. We have also displayed Google Search Trends Data to know the popularity of major PHP frameworks from last five years. (more…)

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What is Typography?

Typography is a very important part of web deisgn. typograpy presents deisgn and interfaces as a means of communication. by using different types of typography like bold fonts, big headlines that imporoves the look and feel of websites. In this articles we will discuss web typography in details.

About Elements of Typography


Typefaces and fonts: Actually typefaces are a family fonts like (such as Helvetica Regular, Helvetica Italic, Helvetica Black, and Helvetica Bold).

Typeface Classifications: The fonts are one wight or style within that family. these are large groupings of typefaces based on general classifications.

On a single Web pages, there are six types:

  • serif
  • sans-serif
  • monospaced
  • cursive
  • fantasy



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Zend Framework & MVC Introduction

Zend Framework is a popular php framework developed by supporters of PHP and Zend. it is an open source object oriented web application framework. it has flexible architecture with advanced Model-View-Controller (MVC) implementation that’s used to develop a basic structure for your Zend Framework applications. Zend Framework also supports web 2.0 and cloud computing technologies. The Zend Framework is supported many contributor like IBM and other major companies.


So first we will know about Model-View-Controller(MVC),  Now MVC pattern become a standard in the design of modern web applications. Most web application code falls under the following three categories: presentation, business logic, and data access.

Model – Data access routines and some business logic can be defined in the model.

View – Its a presentation layer. it define exactly what is presented to the user. actually controllers pass data to each view to render in some format.

Controller – it binds the whole pattern together. They manipulate models, decide which view to display based on the user’s request and other factors, pass along the data that each view will need, or hand off control to another controller entirely.


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