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Drag and Drop File Upload using jQuery and PHP

File upload is a common functionality that’s needed to implement in most of web projects. Mostly we need to implement file uploading functionality by browsing file directory through click. But sometimes it is required to also handle file upload by drag and drop. So if you’re looking for tutorial to implement drag and drop multiple file upload in your project, you’re here at right place. In this tutorial, we will learn how to implement drag and drop multiple file upload using jQuery and PHP. Here we have used DropzoneJS jQuery plugin to handle drag and drop file upload. We have also used PHP to upload the files on server and insert file details in MySQL database table. (more…)

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Multi Select Dropdown with Checkbox using Bootstrap, jQuery and PHP

In many web applications, we need to implement dropdown list with checkboxes to enable users to select multiple options at the same time. So in this tutorial, you will learn how to implement multi select dropdown with checkbox using Bootstrap. In this tutorial, we will use bootstrap-multiselect.js jQuery Bootstrap plugin to create checkboxes with dropdown list. We will also handle form submit to PHP script to get selected checkbox values. (more…)

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Best CodeIgniter Tutorials for Beginners

CodeIgniter is a popular open source PHP framework based on MVC (Model–View–Controller) pattern. It is very lightweight and speed up development by providing a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks to develop small to large scale of applications. The CodeIgniter framework is very easy to learn to start with it. So in this article, I have compiled few best CodeIgniter tutorials to learn to start developing web application without any hassle. (more…)

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How to Send Email with Attachment in PHP

In many PHP projects, we generally implement email send functionality such as user email verification, to reset password, contact us page etc. It is just few lines of code to send these type of email. But sometimes we have to implement email send functionality to send email with attachment in PHP. We can implement email send with attachment using PHP mail(to,subject,message,headers); function but its a little bit tricky. You have to pass too many details to send attachment. So in this tutorial we have explained how send email with attachment in PHP easily using PHPMailer plugin. (more…)

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Import CSV File into MySQL using PHP

It’s very time consuming to import too many records one by one into MySQL database. To make it convenient, we can implement CSV (comma-separated values) file data import functionality to handle bulk data import. This can be very useful as you just need a CSV file of all records and use that CSV file to import records into MySQL database. So in this tutorial, you will learn how to import bulk data from CSV file into MySQL database by uploading CSV file. We have also created an example script to upload and import CSV file records into MySQL database and display them. (more…)

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