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Create Dynamic Image Gallery with jQuery, PHP & MySQL

Image gallery or photo gallery is a special feature of web applications that allows users to upload images and access their images. If you’re working on a web project and want to implement users image gallery then your at right place. In this tutorial you will learn how to create dynamic photo gallery using PHP and MySQL. You will also learn how to create lightbox with image in gallery to increase user experience as it helps to display images in larger size when click on it. In this tutorial we will use jQuery plugin Lightbox2 for lightbox. (more…)

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How To Create Simple REST API in PHP

REST (Representational State Transfer) is one of way of accessing the web services. The REST API used by making HTTP GET or POST or PUT or DELETE request from the client side to the server to get or to put some information to the server. The REST based web services can give output in any format like CSV, JSON, RSS etc. So it is depend on requirement to which format you want to parse easily with your language. In this tutorial you will learn how to create simple REST API using PHP with demo. The tutorial explained in a very easy steps with live demo to get product details by making HTTP GET request and link download source code. (more…)

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Laravel Interview Questions and Answers

Currently, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework. This is a great PHP framework with expressive, elegant syntax that enables to make web development easy and fast by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, queueing, and caching. The Laravel can be used to develop any kind of web project from small websites to large scale of applications. Here is the list of most popular and most asked Laravel Interview Questions with Answers for both beginners and experienced PHP programmers. (more…)

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