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Secure your PHP script by hiding extensions

In general, security by obscurity is one of the weakest forms of security. Suppose If I were exploiting a site, I wouldn’t check what scripting language the site runs on, because all that would matter to me is exploiting it. Hiding the fact that you use x language isn’t going to prevent me from bypassing poor security. But in some cases, every little bit of extra security is desirable.


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How to Create Read More in PHP

If you’re developing website with PHP to list multiple articles on home page. Then definitely you will need to display only few starting lines of each article content with “Read More…” link to display full article content in a page when click on “Read More…” link. It would be best approach to display “Read More” with each article because it will allow you to display more articles in a single page that will increase readability of page. (more…)

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WordPress Interview Questions and Answers

WordPress is the most popular free blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. As of February 2016, WordPress is used by 59.1% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 25.8% of all websites. Due to popularity, there has been large demand of WordPress developers to create blog, websites, integrate themes and develop plugins. So here in this post, we have listed some useful WordPress interview questions and answers for WordPress developers. (more…)

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